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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you work within our wedding/event budget?
    Celestial's goal is to work within a varied array of budgets in some way. If you really love our work but can't afford our full-time services, we can discuss about doing partial planning or coordination for a smaller fee instead.
  • Do you handle vendor payment processing?
    Celestial will handle communication regarding payment with vendors, however we will not accept payments from you, to then transfer to vendors.
  • What is the difference between planning and designing?
    Planning: focuses on both the creative aspects and critical details leading up to your event. Such as securing vendors, solidifying decor designs and your day of schedule. This option is best if you would like an event that allows you to be worry free! Designing: is about producing the decor and design for your event. Examples of such are balloon backdrops, centerpieces and dessert tables. This option is best if you are securing all other aspects of the event but need assistance with statement decor items.
  • Do you assist in setup and cleanup for the wedding/event?
    Unless you hire Celestial for Event Design, then Celestial has no part in providing labor for the setup and cleanup of your wedding/event apart from completing small tasks i.e. lighting candles or putting out favors. Setup/Cleanup will be the responsibility of your hired vendors.
  • Do you do destination weddings?
    Yes! Requirements do include all paid for stay and travel.
  • How many meetings can we have before we book you?
    2 meetings are given prior to a decision. One being a short phone interview and the second being an in-person meeting where we get to know each other and the vision for your wedding/event!
  • How does your payment system work?
    Planning/Coordination: Payment is required in thirds. 1st: Upon signing on contract and booking. 2nd: Half way point to the wedding/event date. 3rd: Depending on the planning timeline, 2 weeks to 3 months before the event. Design: Payment is required in halves. 1st: Upon signing of contract and booking. 2nd: Day before the event.
  • How do I book a picnic?
    First take a look at our base packages and chose the one you want. Complete the booking form with your information and add-ons. Your request to book will be sent to Celestial and will be reviewed and approved.
  • How does payment work?
    Based off your selections, an invoice will be sent via. email. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold and block out your date/time from other clients. The last 50% payment is required the day before your booking. Cash payment is acceptable at the start of your booking time.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my picnic?
    Cancellation is welcomed up to 24 hours before your booked time. Late request refunds will not be honored and will result in a non-refundable completed payment. Rescheduling due to weather or personal reasons up to 24 hours before your booked time are welcomed on any open calendar date. Late request refunds will not be honored and will result in a non-refundable completed payment.
  • Can I book for a picnic for over 10 guests?
    Of course! Please submit a contact form so Celestial can gauge what you are exactly looking for.
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